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Truto Admin API ‚Äč

The Truto Admin API allows users to directly interact with the Truto platform, effectively providing a way to automate almost any action that can be performed through the Truto user interface. In fact, the Truto UI itself uses the Admin API under the hood.

The Admin API provides a range of capabilities, including but not limited to:

  • Link Token Generation: Using the Admin API, you can generate link tokens that enable your customers' apps to connect with Truto. This means that you can programmatically initiate the Truto linking process from within your own applications or services.

  • Platform Interaction: The Admin API allows for comprehensive interaction with Truto, essentially providing the ability to perform almost any action that can be done through the UI. This makes the Admin API an incredibly powerful tool for integrating Truto's capabilities into your own applications, systems, or workflows.

Please note that all interactions with the Admin API must be authenticated using an API token. Instructions for generating an API token can be found in our API token generation guide.