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Create integrated account token

Integrated account tokens allow you to create an API Key of sorts which is scoped to a particular integrated account.

The most common use case for an integrated account token is to show the RapidForm UI to the user after they have already connected an account while back, to make some changes to their selections.

Integrated account tokens can be used similar to API Key by adding them to the Authorization header with Bearer token format.

Integrated account tokens support the following endpoints,

  • ALL /proxy (Proxy API)
  • ALL /unified (Unified API)
  • POST /link-token/post-connect-form
  • GET /integrated-account/me


POST /integrated-account/token

Request Body

string · uuid
The ID of the integrated account you want to scope the token to.
Example: 1ba1f401-7183-47c5-9e39-e8e257e3c795

Response Body

string · uuid
The integrated account token that can be used to make API calls.
Example: 1ba1f401-7183-47c5-9e39-e8e257e3c795