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Welcome to Truto! Truto is a user-friendly platform that enables you to seamlessly connect with different online services. Imagine Truto as your digital Swiss Army knife, making the integration with various online tools a breeze.

Key Features of Truto

Unified APIs

Truto creates a standardized way to use different online services, known as APIs. This helps you navigate and utilize these services easily without needing to understand each one's unique characteristics.

Simple Interface

Our straightforward interface lets you install integrations swiftly. You have access to a library of pre-built integrations and you can also request for additional ones. Our team of developers is always ready to build new integrations as per your needs.

Flexible Account Connection

Once you install an integration, Truto enables you to connect your account effortlessly. After connecting, you get access to use the features of the integration, including both proxy and unified APIs. You can also delete a connection or reinstall it as needed.

Custom Authentication

If you prefer using your own authentication process, Truto supports that too! This means you have the freedom to operate the services your way, even on top of Truto's existing authentication process.

API Key Generation

Truto allows you to create an API key. This key simplifies your process of accessing data from Truto's Unified API in your projects.

Real-Time Data

Truto provides you with real-time data, ensuring you get the most current information from your integrated services. We believe in maintaining your privacy, hence we do not store or cache your data.

Summing Up

Truto is designed to be your reliable assistant for integrating and utilizing various online services. Whether it's installing new integrations, connecting accounts, or retrieving real-time data, Truto simplifies it all for you. We aim to make your digital experiences smoother and more productive. Welcome to Truto, and enjoy your journey with us!