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Reauthorizing Connections in an Integrated Account

Sometimes, you may need to refresh your connection to an integration in Truto. This could be because of changes to your integration settings or updates in the integration itself. Reauthorizing your connection will allow the integration to continue to work properly with the updated information.

Reauthorize Connections via Truto interface

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Sign into Truto and go to the Integrated Accounts section or click here. Select an Integrated account
  2. Select an Integrated Account. In the account details, you will find an option labeled 'Connection'. Select Re-authorize connection
  3. Click on 'Reauthorize connection'. A new window will open. Select Get connection link
  4. Click on 'Get connection link' and then on the 'Magic Link' for re-authorization. Alternatively, you can share this magic link with your customer to allow them to connect their account. Select link and complete auth

What happens next?

After clicking on the Magic Link, you will be redirected to your account on the integrated platform. You will have to log in and allow access to Truto. Follow the steps for authentication, and upon successful completion, you will see a 'Connection successful' message. You can then close the tab.

With this, your Re-authorization process is complete! You've now ensured that your Truto integration will continue to work properly, even with the updated information.