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Uninstalling/Deleting an Integrated Account

If you no longer need an integrated account in Truto, you have the option to uninstall or delete it. Uninstalling an integrated account will remove the account from your list and delete all associated data, including logs and context variables.

Uninstall/Delete an Integrated Account

  1. Sign into Truto and navigate to the Integrated Accounts section or click here. Select an Integrated account
  2. Select the Integrated Account you want to uninstall/delete.
  3. Click on Delete integrated account button. You will be prompted to confirm this action because this process is irreversible. Select Delete integrated account
  4. Click on Delete button. Select Delete button
  5. Voila! You will now be redirected to Integrated Accounts section and integrated account has been successfully uninstalled/deleted from the environment.

Note: Please make sure you're certain about this action. Uninstalling/deleting an integrated account is a permanent action and cannot be undone. All associated data, including logs and context variables, will be permanently deleted.