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What makes us different

Truto boasts a number of unique features that differentiate it from other unified API providers. Here's a detailed look at those features:

Real-time Unified APIs

While many unified API providers store data coming from the underlying APIs, Truto takes a different approach. It delivers this data to you in real-time and doesn't cache it in its own systems. This ensures maximum data security and provides you with the most current data, keeping them fully updated.

Declarative Integrations and APIs

Truto provides a unique offering of integrations and unified APIs in a declarative manner. This means that you can easily add your own integrations and Unified APIs without needing to code. This innovative approach significantly reduces the time and complexity involved in traditional coding, offering a faster, more efficient alternative.

Comprehensive Admin API

Managing multiple tasks can often be a complex and time-consuming process. Truto simplifies this with its comprehensive admin API, enabling you to automate a variety of tasks with ease. This feature boosts productivity, allowing you to focus on other important areas of your work.

Truto Daemon

Another unique offering from Truto is the Truto Daemon. This product syncs unified API data from Truto and stores it in a database of the your choice. It provides you with the flexibility to filter data as per your needs.

Upcoming Feature: RapidBridge Workflows

Truto is constantly innovating, and one of its upcoming features is RapidBridge Workflows. This feature will make it even easier for companies to integrate Truto rapidly. With RapidBridge Workflows, you can start pushing data into your ingestion API from any third-party API within an hour, and all in the unified model format. RapidBridge Workflows will also handle all cron jobs, simplifying the integration process and making life easier for developers.