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List of webhook event types

The webhook event types used in Truto. These values can be found in event_type attribute of a webhook event.

Integrated accounts

  • integrated_account:created - A new integrated account is connected
  • integrated_account:updated - Integrated account is updated
  • integrated_account:post_install_error - Post install steps failed after an integrated account got connected. The integrated account will need re-authorization.
  • integrated_account:validation_error - If defined for the Installed integration, Connection validation steps defined for the integrated account failed. The integrated account will need re-authorization.
  • integrated_account:active - Integrated account is activated and ready to use
  • integrated_account:post_connect_form_submitted - If defined for the Installed integration, RapidForm has been submitted by the user.
  • integrated_account:authentication_error - Sent when there is an issue with refreshing the access token in case of OAuth authentication or the credentials are no longer valid for other authentication methods for an integrated account.
  • integrated_account:reactivated - This event is sent when an integrated account is moved to active state after it is in needs_reauth state. Important: This event will NOT be sent if you are reauthenticating the integrated account, it will only be sent if Truto detects that the integrated account didn't error out with 401 status code when calling the underlying integration's API, this can happen when proxy and unified APIs are called, or when Sync Jobs are run. This event is provided to handle transient authentication errors if any.

Sync Job Run

  • sync_job_run:created - A new sync job run is created
  • sync_job_run:started - Sync job run has started
  • sync_job_run:record - Webhook containing the records fetched from a resource during the sync job run
  • sync_job_run:completed - Sync job run has completed
  • sync_job_run:failed - Sync job run has failed
  • sync_job_run:updated - Sync job run has been updated


Sent when webhooks have been setup for the underlying Integration.

  • record:created - A new record is created in the underlying integration.
  • record:updated - Record is updated is updated in the underlying integration.
  • record:deleted - Record is deleted is deleted in the underlying integration.