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List of webhook event types

The webhook event types used in Truto. These values can be found in event_type attribute of a webhook event.

Integrated accounts

  • integrated_account:created - A new integrated account is connected
  • integrated_account:updated - Integrated account is updated
  • integrated_account:post_install_error - Post install steps failed after an integrated account got connected. The integrated account will need re-authorization.
  • integrated_account:validation_error - If defined for the Installed integration, Connection validation steps defined for the integrated account failed. The integrated account will need re-authorization.
  • integrated_account:active - Integrated account is activated and ready to use
  • integrated_account:post_connect_form_submitted - If defined for the Installed integration, RapidForm has been submitted by the user.
  • integrated_account:authentication_error - Sent when there is an issue with refreshing the access token for an integrated account.

Sync Job Run

  • sync_job_run:created - A new sync job run is created
  • sync_job_run:started - Sync job run has started
  • sync_job_run:record - Webhook containing the records fetched from a resource during the sync job run
  • sync_job_run:completed - Sync job run has completed
  • sync_job_run:failed - Sync job run has failed
  • sync_job_run:updated - Sync job run has been updated


Sent when webhooks have been setup for the underlying Integration.

  • record:created - A new record is created in the underlying integration.
  • record:updated - Record is updated is updated in the underlying integration.
  • record:deleted - Record is deleted is deleted in the underlying integration.