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RapidForm Overview

RapidForm helps you get input from the end user as part of the Integrated account connection flow. The form appears after the account connection flow is complete and an Integrated account is created and the form can be populated with data from the API the Integrated account is connected to.

Examples of when you might use RapidForm:

  • When you need to sync tickets from Zendesk matching a specific condition like tags. You can present the end user with the tags in their Zendesk account and ask them to select the tags they want to sync.
  • Syncing data from a specific Workspace in Asana - you can present the end user with a list of Workspaces in their Asana account and ask them to select the Workspace they want to sync data from.

Both Unified and Proxy APIs are supported for fetching data.

Example of an Asana RapidForm

In the RapidForm screenshots shown below, we allow the user to select the Workspace and its Projects they want to sync data from.

Create dependency between the fields

The Projects field depends on the Workspace field. The Projects field will only be populated with projects from the selected Workspace once the user selects one.

RapidForm - dependency between the fields

Pagination support

After a Workspace is selected, the Projects field is populated with the first page of projects. The user can click the Load more link to load the next page of projects.

RapidForm - pagination support

RapidForm - after pagination

Accessing the selected values

Selected values appear in the Variables section of an Integrated account, workspace_id and collections (the Projects field). These can be used in the Sync Job configuration. Head on over to the next section to learn how to use the selected values in a Sync Job.

RapidForm - variables