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Install Zoom integration

The Zoom integration can be found here. Please install it in your environments before proceeding with the steps below.

Registering your OAuth App


  • Administrator role is required to use this API
  1. Log in to your Zoom Developer account.
  2. Navigate to the App Marketplace > Develop > Build App. Click build app
  3. Choose OAuth App. Add OAuth app
  4. Fill in the required details for your app (name) as shown below. Add name for OAuth app
  5. Click on Create.

Add details to your OAuth App

  1. Go to Information tab.
  2. Add the descriptions.
  3. Add company name, contact name and email.
  4. You can add more details in information for the application.

Add Scopes to your OAuth App

  1. Go to Scopes.
  2. Click on Add Scopes button.
  3. Select the scopes as per requirement and Click on Done.
  4. Add Descriptions for the scopes which will help them get verified for public use.

Scopes required to get data in Truto

  • To read Users in Unified User Directory API > user:read:admin
  • To manage Users in Unified User Directory API > user:write:admin
  • To read Roles in Unified User Directory API > role:read:admin
  • To read Activities and Utilisation in Unified User Directory API > report:read:admin
  • To read Billing in Unified User Directory API > report:master

Obtaining Access Credentials

  1. In the App Credentials section, find your Client ID and Client Secret and Add them to Truto by overriding the OAuth Credentials.
  2. Enter Redirect URL for OAuth as shown below. Add redirect url and copy client id and secret
  • Redirect URL
  1. Add the same Redirect URL to Add Allow List under OAuth Allow List. Add redirect url to allow list

Publishing the OAuth App

  1. Add details in Technical Design.
  2. Go to Submit.
  3. If details are missing. You will be able to check them here and you can add it.
  4. After adding all the details, click on Submit.
  5. After the OAuth App gets published, it will be available for all users.

Connecting a Zoom account

  1. Click on Connect AccountClick connect account

  2. Type in a value for the Tenant ID. This can be any ID of your choosing. And then click on Get connection linkGet connection link

  3. A new link will be generated. Clicking on the link will open a new tab with the list of integrations. You can share this link with your customers too, and they will be able to connect their Zoom account. Share connection link

  4. Select Zoom Select Zoom

  5. You'll now be asked to log in to your Zoom account and allow access to Truto. Go through the steps.

  6. Voila! You should now see a connection successful message. You can now close this tab.

  7. Go to your Truto account, and you should see the new Zoom integration under Integrated Accounts. Click on the Account ID to view the details and initiate API calls.

Making your first request

Select the Zoom integrated account from the Integrated Accounts tab. Select the Zoom integrated account

Click on the "Proxy API" tab Navigate to Proxy API

You can then try out any of the APIs that Truto currently supports for Zoom.

Try out the Users Proxy API which lists the users in your Zoom account

Just click Call API button to make the network call. You can also call the Proxy API programatically

Uninstalling the Zoom integration

To uninstall the Zoom integration from your Truto account, select the Zoom integration from the Integrations tab. Select the Zoom integration

Click on the Settings tab Click on Settings tab

And then click on Uninstall. Uninstalling the integration will also remove all the Zoom integrated accounts from your Truto account. Click Uninstall to remove the Zoom integration

On uninstallation, the access tokens generated for any connected Zoom accounts will be revoked.


If you face any issues using the Zoom integration provided by Truto, please mail to [email protected]

Working hours

Monday - Friday, 2:30AM - 4:30PM EDT

First Response SLA

24 - 48 hours