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Install HiBob integration

The HiBob integration can be found here. Please install it in your environments before proceeding with the steps below.

Connecting a HiBob account

  1. Click on Connect AccountClick connect account

  2. Type in a value for the Tenant ID. This can be any ID of your choosing. And then click on Get connection linkGet connection link

  3. A new link will be generated. Clicking on the link will open a new tab with the list of integrations. You can share this link with your customers too, and they will be able to connect their HiBob account. Share connection link

  4. Select HiBob Select HiBob

  5. You'll now be asked for your HiBob API Token and ID.

Generating HiBob Token and ID


You need to be an Administrator to follow the steps below

  1. Login to your HiBob account and click Settings on the sidebar, and then click Integrations under the Account section. HiBob integrations
  2. Search for "service users" and click on Manage. HiBob service users
  3. Click on New Service User. HiBob new service user
  4. Enter the Service User Name and Display Name. Click Next. HiBob service user details
  5. Copy the ID and Token to be entered into Truto interface later. HiBob service user id and token
  6. Go to Permission Groups in HiBob and click on Create Group. HiBob permission groups
  7. Enter a Group Name and choose Select people by condition in the Group members section. Click on Edit. HiBob create permission group
  8. Remove any conditions if present, and select the Service User you created in Step 4 by clicking the Add Specific Employees dropdown. Click Apply and then Click Create. HiBob permission group members
  9. You'll be taken to the Group details page. Click Edit permissions and then select all permissions from People and Timeoff category in the Features tab. HiBob permission group permissions HiBob permission group permissions timeoff
  10. Then move on to People's data tab and click Edit. HiBob permission group people data
  11. Select all the Lifecycle statuses and click Apply. HiBob permission group people data lifecycle statuses
  12. Click Save to save the permission changes. HiBob permission group people data lifecycle statuses
  13. Now go back to the Truto Link interface and enter in the ID and Token you copied from step 5. HiBob enter id and token
  14. Voila! You should now see a connection successful message. You can now close this tab.

Go to your Truto account, and you should see the new HiBob integration under Integrated Accounts. Click on the Account ID to view the details and initiate API calls.