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Install integration

The integration can be found here. Please install it in your environments before proceeding with the steps below.

Connecting a account

  1. Click on Connect Account'Click connect account'
  2. Type in a value for the Tenant ID. This can be an ID of your choosing. And then click on Get connection link'Get connection link'
  3. A new link will be generated. Clicking on the link will open a new tab with the list of integrations. You can share this link with your customers too and they will be able to connect their Monday account. 'Share connection link'
  4. Select 'Select'

Finding your Client ID and Client Secret

  1. To find the Client ID and Client Secret, Sign in to your account. 'Sign in to Monday'

  2. Click on the developer button at the top right menu. 'Click on developer button in'

  3. In Monday Developer Center, choose Build App option and configure your app. 'Click on live and create app'

  4. After completing this process, copy your Client ID and Client Secret and paste them into the relevant fields in Truto. 'Client Id and Secret'

Uninstalling the integration

  1. To uninstall the integration from your Truto account, select the integration from the Integrations tab.

  2. Click on the Settings tab in Integration page

  3. And then click on Uninstall. Uninstalling the integration will also remove all the integrated accounts from your Truto account.


Setting up Unified Webhooks for


Currently, only supports Unified Webhooks for their App life cycle events.

Setting up Webhooks in Truto

  1. Login to and navigate to Webhooks tab
  2. Click on the Create Webhook button and modal shows up.
  3. Enter your endpoint URL in the Endpoint input to which you would like to get the webhook events posted.
  4. Set the webhook to Active to start listening to the events.
  5. Choose record:meta only get the events related to the Unified Webhooks for or select “all” to receive all the events.
  6. Click on Create Webhook to save the webhook. 'Webhook Modal'

Connecting Webhooks from to Truto

  1. Go to your account and click on the Developers button at the top right User Profile menu.
  2. In the Monday Developer Center, choose the application for which you would like to set up webhooks.
  3. Click on the Webhooks tab under the Manage section. ' Webhooks'
  4. Enter the target URL in the following format -<your_environment_integration_id>
    1. You can find the environment_integration_id from the Truto UI by navigating to the following URL and select the environment for which you are setting up webhooks -
    2. You can also refer to the following GIF to find the environment_integration_id - 'Find environment_integration_id'
  5. Once the API URL is added, save the changes and publish the app to Live.