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Zendesk Helpdesk API integration

Expand your Helpdesk integrations with the Zendesk API integration.
Perform all CRUD operations through our Proxy and Unified APIs.

Unified User Directory API for Zendesk
RolesThe Role object represents a role of a User.
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UsersThe User object represents a User.
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ActivitiesActivities are the actions performed by users in the source application.
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UtilizationUtilization object represents utilization reports.
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LicensesLicenses represent concepts like user seats in apps that support them
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Unified Ticketing API for Zendesk
AttachmentsThe Attachment object is used to represent an attachment for a ticket.
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CommentsThe Comment object is used to represent a comment on a ticket.
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ContactsThe Contact object is used to represent the customer, lead, or external user that a ticket is associated with.
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TicketsThe Ticket object is used to represent a ticket or a task within a system.
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Ticket statusRepresents the status of a ticket.
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UsersThe User object is used to represent an employee within a company.
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Proxy APIs for Zendesk

Access all of the Zendesk API without worrying about authentication and pagination. Truto's Proxy APIs are a 1-to-1 mapping of the Zendesk Helpdesk API, you call us - we call Zendesk.
Link SDK illustration Account Linking
Use Truto's frontend SDK to link your customer's Zendesk account.
We handle all the OAuth and API key flows. You do not need to create the OAuth app as well.
Authentication illustration Seamless authentication
Don't spend time refreshing access tokens, and figuring out how to store them securely. We do it for you.
We also sprinkle them into the API requests. So you just have to deal with 1 API key, ours.
Unified response illustration Unified response format
Truto follows a single response format for it's Proxy and Unified APIs across all the integrations.
We translate Zendesk's pagination into a unified cursor based pagination and all of the data is always present in the result attribute.

Start syncing Zendesk data within 2 minutes

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Speed & scalability without the overhead

Truto is designed from ground-up to be scalable and fast. Whether you are making 1 request or thousands every second.
Lowest latencyAlways get the latest data with low latency overhead.
Globally deployedPowered by one of the fastest serverless platform.
Flexible pricingPricing based on your usage, no lock-in. Enterprise plans available.
Truto Unified APIs are infinitely scalable
Product Teams love Truto

Product teams love Truto

Focus on your core product and forward integration requests to your integrations butler - Truto
Build features for your customersWe’ll take care of the integrations.
Shorter roadmap cyclesShip faster than ever. No more waiting for integrations.
Save precious developer timeYour developers can focus on building features for your customers.
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Your sales team + Truto

Power-up your sales team with any integration they need in hours. All leads are now prospects.
Close every dealDon't let deals slip through the cracks because of missing integrations.
Go after new verticalsThe world is your oyster with Truto.
Multiply your revenueClose those enterprise deals right now.
Empower your sales team to close more deals using Truto
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Compliance Ready

We take security seriously at Truto. Truto is SOC 2 Type II and ISO 27001 certified. GDPR and HIPAA compliant.
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"When we started building FloWheel we quickly realized that we would need to focus on integrations to help our users grow their brands. Discovering Truto was the best thing that happened to us. We’re able to implement 4-8 integrations with Truto for every 1 we were doing manually."Jonathan, Co-founder at FloWheel.io

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