What is the CCPA?

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), enacted in 2018 and effective from January 1, 2020, is a statutory law that enhances privacy rights and consumer protection for residents of California, USA. It imposes certain obligations on businesses that collect, process, or sell the personal information of California residents and grants various rights to these residents regarding their personal data. Truto recognizes the significance of these regulations and is committed to upholding the highest standards of data privacy and protection.

Truto's Role and Services:

Service Provider: As a unified API platform, Truto serves as a facilitator between our customers (Controllers) and their end-users. We enable these connections in real time, focusing on data transfer without engaging in the storage, processing, or selling of personal data.

Understanding CCPA and Truto's Position:

CCPA Compliance Criteria: The CCPA outlines specific criteria for businesses to be subject to its provisions. Truto does not meet these conditions, such as annual revenue thresholds or the volume of personal data processed, and is thus not directly subject to the CCPA.

Data Processing Agreement (DPA): Our DPA details the relationship between Truto (Processor) and our customers (Controllers) regarding data processing:

  • Truto processes personal data solely based on the Controller's instructions, exclusively for providing the contracted services, aligning with a business purpose under the CCPA.
  • Transfers of personal data from the Controller to Truto are not sales under the CCPA. Truto does not offer monetary or other valuable consideration to Controllers for personal data.
  • Truto commits to using personal data only for providing specified services under the Agreement, in compliance with CCPA, and especially adheres to provisions like Cal. Civ. Code 1798.105(d).

Support and Collaboration: In line with CCPA guidelines, Truto provides necessary support to Controllers in handling data subject requests. If retention of certain personal data is necessary under specific provisions like Cal. Civ. Code 1798.105(d), Truto will inform the Controller of the relevant exceptions and ensure that retained data is not used for any unauthorized purposes.

Commitment to Ongoing Compliance:

Adaptability and Monitoring: Truto actively monitors changes in data protection regulations to adapt our practices accordingly, ensuring ongoing compliance and reinforcing the trust our customers and partners place in us.

Truto values the trust and partnership of each client. We are committed to transparency and are open to addressing any concerns or questions regarding our data protection practices and compliance measures.

For further inquiries or clarification, please contact us at [email protected]