A seamless, automated solution for syncing and managing your customer’s data.
How Truto RapidBridge works
Automated Rate-limit HandlingAutomated Rate-limit HandlingRapidBridge will recognize rate limits and proceed as if nothing happened.
Customizable Error HandlingCustomizable Error HandlingAsk RapidBridge to continue the sync upon encountering an error or bypass the error and continue the sync.
Works Well With RapidFormWorks Well With RapidFormSkip the tedious UI work and enable customers to select specific files from their accounts. This approach ensures they have the privacy they need.
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If That, Then Do ThisIf That, Then Do ThisCreate dependencies between records, such as 'If tickets are fetched, then fetch comments’
Schedule Sync JobsSchedule Sync JobsSpecify a cron expression to sync data on a schedule. RapidBridge will then stream data to your specified webhook endpoint.
Sync Data IncrementallySync Data IncrementallyRequest RapidBridge to sync only new and updated data since the last synchronization. We handle the bookmarking for you.

Sync data in
3 simple steps

Simple Truto RapidBridge flow
Truto’s RapidBridge solution provided us with a ready-to-use infrastructure, allowing us to immediately start working on customer data.Nittish — Product Manager at Spendflo

Sync Data Directly To Your Database

Push data from Zendesk, Salesforce, BambooHR, Greenhouse and QuickBooks to Postgres, Amazon S3, Pinecone and Qdrant on a schedule
Sync integration data directly to database using Truto RapidBridge
This feature is currently in development.
Talk to our team to get your database of choice added.

Compliance Ready

We take security seriously at Truto. Truto is SOC 2 Type II and ISO 27001 certified. GDPR and HIPAA compliant.
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Let your engineers build your product. Let Truto handle the grunt work.