Sprinto partners with Truto to launch native integrations faster

Sprinto partners with Truto to launch native integrations faster
Sprinto partners with Truto to launch native integrations faster
Since publishing this case study in August 2023, the partnership has come a long way. Sprinto now offers over 110 integrations powered by Truto, with several more in the pipeline.

Sprinto also went on to raise $20 million in funding from marquee investors, bringing their total funding to $30 million.

As noted in this funding announcement on TechCrunch, integrations play a critical part in Sprinto's product and go-to-market strategy. This is a moment of pride for us at Truto to serve Sprinto and be their trusted partner for native integrations.

- April 22, 2024

Sprinto, an automation platform for compliance, leverages integrations to enrich its product offering. Notable companies like Docsumo, Termgrid, Spendflo, and Outplay use Sprinto to automate compliance checks and obtain certifications such as SOC 2 Type 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, GDPR, and 16 other frameworks.

Integrations are valuable for Sprinto's customers and enable its sales and customer success teams to onboard customers more efficiently, increasing customer satisfaction. Sprinto has partnered up with Truto to expedite the launch of native integrations. Sprinto recently rolled out 55 integrations in just two months, all in a single quarter.

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How the Sprinto team managed integrations before Truto

The Sprinto team managed integrations by building integrations in-house and by using another unified API provider before Truto.


Bottlenecks faced while building integrations in-house

  • Slower time to market
  • Bandwidth constraints faced by the engineering team
  • Maintenance costs, and time lost in maintaining the integrations

Bottlenecks faced while using another unified API provider

  • Limited customizability
  • Delays in implementing new integrations
  • Platform charges exceeding budget constraints

To meet their needs, Sprinto sought a unified API provider that could fulfil the following requirements:

  • Support for custom use cases: Sprinto required a provider capable of accommodating their specific and unique integration requirements.
  • Seamless and faster addition of new integrations: It was essential for Sprinto to have the flexibility to incorporate any new integrations seamlessly into their platform and in record time.
  • Budget-friendly pricing: Sprinto aimed to find a provider whose pricing aligned with their budget.
Truto aligned perfectly with Sprinto's requirements. They discovered that Truto offers the level of customization they needed, unlike any other unified API provider. New integrations were added in record time, and the pricing fit within their budget.

How Truto collaborated with Sprinto’s team

In April 2023, the Sprinto team identified a list of 55 integrations they aimed to implement. After careful consideration, they selected Truto as their preferred integration partner to support their integration efforts.

The list included integrations across the following categories: Analytics, Cloud Storage, Knowledge Management, Ticketing, Helpdesk, CRM, Accounting, Instant Messaging (IM), Single sign-on (SSO), Sales Enablement, HRIS, Scheduling, CI/CD, Marketing Automation, ATS, Email, Incident Management, Video, and Conversational Intelligence.

Truto's roster of integrations was compared with Sprinto's requirements, ensuring compatibility with their needs. Additional feature requirements were thoroughly assessed. By May 2023, Truto successfully supported and implemented all the desired integrations and features.

Truto and Sprinto: Close integration walk-through

Benefits of working with Truto

Sprinto's engineering team has expressed their satisfaction with collaborating alongside Truto, citing several key advantages:

  • Exceptional support on Slack was provided by the engineering team at Truto. The average response time was around 5 minutes.
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Swift turnaround on new integrations
  • Rapid addition of new features. For instance, when Siddharth Das, an Engineer at Sprinto, suggested an enhancement to the DocuSign integration that allows for end-user alerts concerning data validation errors, Truto promptly implemented the feature within an impressive 15-minute timeframe.
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