How Truto collaborated to supercharge Spendflo’s SaaS Operations

How Truto collaborated to supercharge Spendflo’s SaaS Operations
How Truto collaborated to supercharge Spendflo’s SaaS Operations

About Spendflo

Spendflo has become a cornerstone for businesses that aim to master the intricacies of SaaS procurement and management. Serving companies like Airmeet, Chyron, and Curebase, they provide a well-rounded suite of features, from guided purchasing to analytics, streamlining processes and ensuring optimal SaaS usage. With operational centres in the US and Chennai, Spendflo's reach is global.

Spendflo & Truto - Factsheet

Challenges faced by Spendflo

  • Accelerating the development of native integrations.
  • Introducing a de-provisioning functionality, specifically via Okta.

These weren't just add-ons; they were essential to continue offering a superior user experience and maintaining operational fluidity.

The Collaboration

How Truto Came into the Picture

Spendflo sought a unified API to address its integration challenges. A pilot was essential to ensure that Truto was the right fit and to secure buy-in from all team members.

Implementation within two days

Truto's hands-on implementation support enabled the Spendflo team to implement Truto within two days and run a pilot within a week. It expedited decision-making and significantly reduced the time to go live. The Truto team assisted with the Salesforce integration first, which met all of Spendflo's requirements. Truto was subsequently identified as the right match.

The immediate outcome was remarkable—31 new native integrations were deployed in under two months. This accomplishment was not just about hitting numbers; it was about refining the Spendflo user experience to meet evolving business needs.

Additionally, a targeted de-provisioning feature was integrated into the Spendflo platform, with Truto’s unified API for SSO, working seamlessly with Okta.

Review for Truto from Shrikanth, Head of Engineering at Spendflo

What the Spendflo team likes about Truto

  • Truto’s collaborative approach to building integrations
  • Hands-on implementation support
  • Support response time and quality: Remarkable support response times on Slack from the engineers who built Truto.
  • Product quality: The Spendflo team finds the Truto product to be of impeccable quality.
  • Truto RapidBridge: Truto’s ready-to-use infra removes the need to set up polling logic to fetch customer data.
  • Customization: ability to customize the unified API at an individual connection level

What's Next: The Evolving Partnership

The initial successes have laid the groundwork for further collaboration. Plans are underway to introduce additional features and native integrations to continue elevating the Spendflo experience.

Ajay's review of Truto

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